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The IL2CPP: An Unexpected Journey

Hi everyone, In the previous post, we mentioned trace, disassemble, debug and hooking processes of a sample native library. In this article, I will continue in the Native C/C++ Library layer. As a concept, I will talk about the analysis process of a mobile game developed with Unity Hub. This article will be like rediscovering…

Native Library Analysis | Chief JNI

In this article, I will cover the analysis process of native libraries and the hooking process to bypass some sample detection methods. I will show about the dynamic, disassemble and debugging analysis processes of the native package that I wrote….

Jailbreak Detection Bypass | JailMonkey

Hi Everyone ! In my previous post, you saw how we can bypass a third party(Rootbeer) root detection mechanism. Now, we will analyze a different third party library on a different platform. The library named JailMonkey is a React Native library for detection if a phone has been jail-broken or rooted for iOS/Android. In this…

Root Detection Bypass | Rootbeer

We need rooted devices to test or analyze Android apps more efficiently. However, applications with root detection mechanism prevent them from opening on rooted devices. In this article, we will learn how to bypass the root detection mechanism over two different techniques….